Co-creation with the designer

We build the ideas of our active partners in the furniture, mechanical and catering industries but also in the architecture for international projects. Our know-how is flexible and adapts each time to the objectives of the client.

Each of our skills and knowledge is available, from co-design to prototyping, from polishing to chroming, to the shipment of the final product.

Transparency in the collaboration,
in the costs and results

This secret we share with the customer, in a transparent way when he becomes our partner: we create the moment when mutual trust is the basis of an effective production.

The ones who choose us want a professional relationship in which they may find serenity and conventioned prices, without compromising the italian quality of thinking and use of excellent craftsmanship.

Machines are useless without the knowledge and the critical sense of man.


Prototyping is essential to check if what has been designed really corresponds to what the design team wanted to achieve. Our company is able to create prototypes fastly, and with reduced cost, from the early stages of the design in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product just conceived.

Costing and product industrialization

This phase is crucial in defining the processing cycles and we take care so that of the adjustment of production technologies to produce the new products. Furthermore, the company is able to deal with the possible use of external resources in case the processes and projects require it.

Complete management of the supply chain

Supply chain management, immediate connection between the company and the supplier and between the company and the client through one or more trade flows of products, services, money and information;
Also, it may include a broader view, more extensive and complex, including suppliers of the suppliers and customers of the customers, involved in one or more exchanges of flows of products, services, money and information.

Flexible workflows and optimized production time

We work so that every hour counts and we guarantee the product is made in the shortest possible time. Producing small lots we can ship these quantities with flexibility managing logistics according to our internal warehouse timing, not depending on an external one.